Build a business that works for you

We can provide the structure and process needed for you to work ‘on’ the business more and work ‘in’ the business less.
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Do you struggle to … ?

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your time to work on the business,
not just in your business

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on your proirities and think in new ways
(& be held accountable)

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…your business into a
scaling machine with a purpose

How we help overwhelmed founders

Founders often feel like they should know everything and have all of the answers. They feel overwhelmed by issues which all seem urgent.

We provide the space and time to reflect on what’s really important, so they can stop ‘looking at your feet’ and make the business work for them again.

Amplified Program | James Potten | Necker Island

Our mission is to help entrepreneurs like you unapologetically scale as seamlessly as possible. As your trusted scaling partner, we pool our collective scale-up CEOs knowledge to help you catalyse serious growth in your business.

We’ll help put the right building blocks in place and together we’ll take your vision to a sustainable future. Grow your business to where you want it to be a whole lot quicker and with a lot less stress!

Working together and using our expertise to help guide the way, we’ll go on an exciting entrepreneurial journey. Expect the journey to feel highly supportive, as our partnership provides the framework you need to achieve rapid, crackerjack growth!

Will Amplified help you achieve your Vision for Growth?

If you know you are ready to transform your business into a scaling machine with a purpose…

If you want to understand what it will truly take
to unlock the potential in your business…

If you are ready to tap into a wealth of knowledge, be supported and held accountable on your scaling journey…

If you aspire to achieve rapid scaling success…

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What Our Members Have to Say

The model is flipped it on its head compared to competitors. You help us stay in our own head but give us the steps to follow tailored to our business rather than just try (& fail) to solve it for high fees. We have quadrupled our turnover in the first six months of working with JP”

Liam Ray

CEO, Virtus Energy (Consultancy)

“I’m now able to think more clearly and implement best practice. JP is very approachable so I’d recommend to have a chat with him”

Nick Russell – CEO, Xonetic (Consultant)

“It’s like having access to an experienced NED and entrepreneurial network to mastermind with. Highly recommend”

Andrew McDonald – MD, Credo (Real Estate)

“JP has really helped me get the business onto an exciting growth path. It’s holistic approach is making me a better business owner”

Rob Morrisby – MD, Jambi (Developer)

”I grew the team 200% within six months of working with JP. We worked on simple frameworks that gave me the courage to go out and scale and establish my company purpose, vision and values so the new team understood my passion

James Blackburn

CEO, New Vision (Developer)

90% of my lead generation comes from techniques JP has shown me. I’ve seen huge value from going on this journey with him for the business and personally. We doubled our turnover in first six months”

Jay Williams

CEO, CarbonCode (Developer)

“James is so brilliant at making you feel comfortable speaking about anything. We now have clarity on our business vision and direction as a result of applying his framework”

Jude Shrimpton

COO, Bright Lights (Marketing Agency)

“JP really helped me get clarity on my thoughts in a previous business and as a result I successfully exited. I’m now on an exciting new journey with my scaleup that feels like my sweet spot thanks to working with JP and the wider Amplified community

Sam Harris

CEO, Syncify (Podcast App)