by | Jan 29, 2016

Peter Diamandis is an inspirational visionary. He has run countless competitions to encourage human exploration (initially space). He thinks big, talks big & goes big (he does not go home).

He has written two popular books called ‘Abundance’ & ‘Bold’, on which his yearly Abundance360 event in LA is based.

He spends the first-day shifting people into an abundant and exponential mindset. I’ll add a video at the end if you want to learn more (it’s quite salesy but worth a gander).

My key take away from last year was ‘uber yourself before you get kodaked!’
So, what else did I learn?
– Blockchain – an amazing thing that will revolutionise our world, once someone works out how to explain what it is.
– PV panels – solar has been doubling in capacity & we now have storage solutions. We get 5000 times more energy from the sun than we currently use. It will be the cheapest source of energy in 7 years. We should definitely build more nuclear power stations.
– The power of crowds – none of us is as intelligent as all of us. Got a difficult question? Phone a friend.
– 3D Printing – no food in the cupboard, no worries. We’ve got printed shrimp for tea kids (see newwavefoods below)
– Brain/AI interface – our brains each have their own programming language. I think mine is coded in Double Dutch.
– Drone – yes they do don’t they. Amazon delivery within 10mins of ordering. The cat will be pleased. Thankfully a company called Zipline are using drone technology in Rwanda to deliver blood for doctors to give to mothers after childbirth in remote areas. It’s saving lives. A journey that used to take 6 hours delivery now takes 15 mins.
– The rise of the machines – at the point of Singularity (when machines become infinitely more intelligent than us), go kitesurfing and don’t come back.

Finally, I’m mad keen on VR/AR, other than I get travel sick using it (as a teenager I had to leave the room whenever my mates played Golden Eye). But I didn’t let that stop me. I did:-
– Two minutes on a VR flight simulator. White as a sheet, I thanked them for the ‘amazing experience’ & headed straight for the toilet.
– I spent twelve seconds balancing on a virtual cliff edge. It was supposed to last much longer. I jumped.
– I manage to withstand a whole minute of two girls having a pillow fight. I didn’t feel so bad after that one.

So I’m super excited about this years’ event. I will be keeping notes & get my ponderings up here. I just hope no one asks me to explain the Blockchain.

James Potten

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